President's Letter


The CIDAA is proudly welcomed all of you to see the new update website of the Central Institute for the Deaf Alumni Association. We want to thank you for the long-waiting period of time for the website to be up and open to the public. We like to be sure that everyone is enjoying finding this new update to be satisfying and effective to use the website. If you have any ideas or news to share, please do not hesitate to tell us because we would love to hear from you. Please keep in mind this website is to update news and inform the alumni the events of CID and CIDAA. If you have any news to share with the CIDAA, please feel free to email to Valerie Bu ’98, the Editor, at cidaaeditor@cidaa.org

We are proudly to announce that our new Membership Director is Sue Held ‘75 after Robert Crowell has retired in serving on the board for many years. Thank you, Robert for all your time invested into CIDAA. He has started training Sue how to run the membership directory and keep in touch with CID. She has been working on the updates and corrections of the membership’s lost alumni, class rosters, etc. and needs your help to find them. If you are not receiving the CID Sound Effects, the newsletter of CID, please contact Sue Held at cidaamemdirector@cidaa.org

Now Stephanie Casey ’80 is working on the fund-raising event which will be exciting and different for the Alumni to see. We will be spreading the news and start the fund-raising on this website. Stay tuned and keep in touch with us as we are motivated to work with you. Tell and share with the other alumni who don’t have the website because we don’t want any alumni to miss the opportunity. Next year will be a new exciting fund-raising so keep looking out and staying with us throughout the years and many more years to come in supporting CID and CIDAA. To discuss more about fundraising, please feel free to email Stephanie Casey at cidaafunds@cidaa.org.

Mark down on your calendar for the most exciting event that we will celebrate 100 years of CID in September 2014. William Sheldon is one of the Co-chairs of this event, and I have been attending the committee meeting with CID. The committee of this event needs our feedbacks such as the theme, and ideas to broadcast the outstanding of CID and its achievement to the world. He will be sending his letter to all of you in later.

Lastly, the reunion will be in June 2016, joining with the SJIAA. This happens every 20 years so let’s make it the best for every alumnus to enjoy and cherish every memory. CIDAA usually celebrates every five years reunion. Please keep checking on this website every now and then for more update news to come. Hope you can plan ahead and join us to make the best of every event, exciting and enjoyment.

Looking forward to serving you, it is my pleasure to work with you.

With best regards,

Mary Burgesen ‘80
CIDAA President