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Faculty & Staff

Helen Woodward

SAVOY – Helen Woodward, 85, of Savoy died on November 21, 2006, at 12:45 a.m. at The Carle Arbours in Savoy, Illinois.

Funeral arrangements were incomplete at Morgan Memorial Home, 1304 Regency Drive West, Savoy.

*Additional information*

Helen died this morning (November 21, 2006) in The Carle Arbours, a long-term care hospital in Savoy, Illinois, where she had been taken a couple of weeks ago after breaking her hip.  She was about 86 years old.  Conforming to her wishes which she expressed repeatedly over the years, she was under hospice care aimed at alleviating her suffering rather than contriving to keep her alive.  For several years she had been frail  and feeble and suffering from advanced Alzheimer’s disease.  Her remains have gone for medical purposes.  There will be no funeral as such, but a memorial service will be organized by her friends probably in January.

For the past few  years when she had not been able to care for herself, a group of wonderful friends from her church connections in Champaign / Urbana had taken loving and caring interest in  her.  She had relatives here and there, but they expressed no concern for her.